Angelica Rivera: Inside the Excessive Lifestyle of the Well-To-Do

Early Years

August 2nd, 1969, Angelica Rivera was born in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico, to Manuel and Maria. Along with a brother, Angelica has five sisters.

Angelica Rivera Real Life

Jose Alberto Castro, a director and producer of telenovelas, was Rivera’s first husband. The two were married in late 1994. They had three daughters before divorcing in 2008: Sofia, Fernanda, and Regina. Sofia pursued a career in acting.

Enrique Pena Nieto, the governor of the State of Mexico at the time, and Rivera got married in 2010. In 2012, he was elected president of Mexico, with Rivera serving as first lady. Soon after Pena Nieto left office in early 2019, the couple got divorced.

How did she Come Up in Modeling?

Rivera started her career as a model after winning the 1987 Face of the Herald competition. In the “Ahora Te Puedes Marchar” video, she then appeared as a model. She proceeded to appear in American television commercials as a model.

The actress and singer Angelica Rivera is worth approximately $30 million. Throughout the years, Angelica Rivera has starred in many well-known telenovelas, such as “Destilando Amor,” “Mariana de la Noche,” “LaDuena,” and “Angela.”

Angelica Rivera was the First Lady of Mexico from 2012 to 2018, since she was a spouse to former Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. She ended her professional life after marrying Nieto. Jose Alberto Castro, who was Angelica’s ex-husband, is the father of three children. Pena Nieto’s previous marriage gave three children as well.

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Telenovela Actor

Angelica Rivera, the Mexican telenovela actress began her acting career in the late 1980s, appearing in recurring roles on well-known shows such as “Dulce Desafia” and “Simplemente Maria.” She portrayed the cunning Silvana Velez in the lead role of “Alcanzar una Estrella II” and a recurring role in “Mi Pequena Soledad” in the early 1990s.

Additionally, Rivera portrayed Erika de la Cruz and Isabel Gonzalez in “Sueno de Amor.” In the second part of the 1990s, she played more lead roles. Rivera played Regina Villareal in “La Duena” and Elena in “Huracan.”  With co-costars Juan Soler, Ignacio Lopez Tarso, and Jacqueline Andere, she played the title role of Angela Bellati Roldan on “Angela,” which she concluded the decade in.

Angelica Rivera portrayed Mariana Campos Ortiz in the 2001 television series “Sinpecado concebido.” She then portrayed Marcia Montenegro, the primary antagonist, in “Mariana de la Noche” from  2003 to 2004.

In 2007, Rivera made a comeback to telenovela when she was cast in “Destilando Amor” as Gaviota, a country girl wishing to live in the big city. The series, which is a remake of the Colombian telenovelas “Café, con aroma de mujer,” stars a number of notable actors, including Eduardo Yanez, Sergio Sendel, Marthe Julia, and Chantal Andere.

Angelica Rivera, Mexico’s First Lady

Rivera assumed the role of First Lady of Mexico after her husband, Enrique Pena Nieto was elected as Mexico’s president in late 2012. She was the owner of that title from her husband’s six years in office until 2018.

She was elected as the president of the National System for Integral Family Development, a government organization that helps Mexican families with social services. Enseas was also launched by  a comprehensive center for the hard of hearing.

Multi $7 million estate

It was disclosed that Angelica Rivera had received a $7 million mansion in one of Mexico City’s most affluent neighborhoods from a Mexican business mogul named Juan Armando Hinojosa Cantu, who amassed his wealth through government contacts, the actress made headlines in 2014.

The tycoon, Angelica, received government contracts worth $4 billion, many of which were awarded in the absence of rival bids. Later on, Angelic would insist that it was a loan that she would repay with the money she made from her acting career, not a gift. She released a video where she claimed that because she had not made the entire payment, the house sale was not registered in her name. She met with a poor reception and even got ridiculed on social media.

An investigation by a Mexican financial analyst into Angelica Rivera’s, soap opera actress, the average salary at her previous employer revealed that the highest-paid actors took home between 5 and 8 million pesos annually. That’s about $265,000 and $500,000 annually. In addition, actors usually sign five-year exclusive contracts.

And this left a hook, that it would be very difficult to comprehend how Angelica Rivera could be personally wealthy enough to afford a $7 million mansion. In retaliation, Rivera stated that the network Televisa had given her $10 million USD as a severance payment for her 25 years of employment.

Finally, Angelica Rivera gave up her ownership stake in the real estate mansion to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Alleged $100 million Bribe

One of El Chapo Guzman’s former associates stated during the drug lord’s January 2019 trial that the Sinaoi cartel bribed Enrique Pena Nieto with $100 million. In reality, the accusation was more even than serious.

The testimony indicated that Enrique was the one who allegedly approached the cartel shortly after his election in 2012 and demanded a
$250 million bribe to end the drug lord’s nationwide manhunt.

Chapo succeeded in lowering the bribe to $100 million. The Witness further stated that Felipe Calderon, Enrique’s predecessor, received a similar bribe from the cartel’s main rival during his tenure in government.

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