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Instagram excels in its capacity to unite individuals and foster communities within the dynamic landscape of social media. There are several programs accessible on the internet that facilitate the identification of people who follow you (or anyone else) on Instagram. The best IG follower export tools help you get real insights into your Instagram account. This post will discuss the top online tools and browser add-ons for exporting Instagram followers.

1. IG Follow

IG Follow is one of the best tool  to extract followers on Instagram and export the list. A single click can help you complete the process of exporting the file to CSV. This tool has been developed to scrape user profiles automatically on Instagram and export the list of followers.

ig follow

Besides exporting followers from Instagram, you can also use this IG follower export tool to export your following list. It is also capable of extracting user profiles that include the following and follower count, public emails, biographies, and other details.

Visit : IG Follow

3. InsExport

INS Export is one of the best IG follower export tool. This Chrome extension helps you export the following and followers list from Instagram in the CSV format. This tool helps you copy followers on Instagram, export the file, and create lists of users easily.

InsExport - Ins Follower Export Tool

Once you enter a username on Instagram, choose the type of export you want. You might want to export a follower or following list. Then simply click on the export option to complete the task.

Visit : InsExport

3. LinkedRadar IG Exporter

This is a free tool using which you can export follower lists on Instagram. While you can make unlimited follower exports, the number of following in the list is limited to 50,000. It takes just a second to obtain these lists and export the files in the desired format. Marketers often consider this to be the best IG follower export tool. The tool also protects data privacy, so no one will know what you are exporting.

Visit : LinkedRadar IG Exporter

4. Phantombuster

Phantom Buster is a paid Instagram exporter tool where you can scrape data from different user profiles and compile them into a CSV file. This tool can help you save hours of manual work as you need not scroll down the follower lists on Instagram to find interesting people. Whether it’s an ordinary user or a follower, you can scrape them in minutes.

This tool also allows you to download basic profile data of Instagram users like profile URL, name, and username. You can also use Phantom Buster to set up any workflow.

Visit : Phantombuster 

5. Social Blade

This is an IG follower export tool that not only allows you to export follower lists, but also get other statistics on businesses and influencers. However, this tool tracks only business accounts and creators, which means you may not be track your own or someone else’s followers list with it. This is an easy-to-use tool for marketers and social media users.

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How to Download Someone’s Instagram follower List?

The aforementioned browser extensions are the IG Follower Export Tools that may be used to download an Instagram follower list. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Choose an extension and install it: Download and install one of the aforementioned browser extensions.
  • Open the Instagram profile: Pick a user whose Instagram followers you wish to export and head to their profile.
  • Enable the add-on: Access the export/download followers option by clicking the browser extension icon.
  • Wait for the procedure to finish: The wait time varies and depends on the extension. After that, a file with the list of followers will usually be offered to you for download.
  • Save the file to your computer: Find the file you downloaded and open it to see your exported Instagram followers.

With the help of these top 5 IG Follower Export Tools, users will have a better grasp of their Instagram audience and conduct effective analyses. Any Instagram approach may benefit from these tools, whether you’re a content producer, marketer, or company owner. Never forget to use them responsibly and remain updated on any changes to Instagram’s policies.


Are these Instagram follower export tools safe to use?

Indeed, each of the aforementioned applications is safe to use. Be wary of giving up personal information while using any third-party tool, though.

Can I export followers from a private Instagram account?

Due to Instagram’s privacy regulations, the majority of programs, including the ones mentioned above, are unable to export followers from private accounts. Before you begin analyzing an account, make sure it is set to public.

Do these tools violate Instagram’s terms of service?

These tools are in accordance with Instagram’s terms of service. Nevertheless, it is essential to be informed about any policy updates made by Instagram that might impact the integration of third-party products.


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