Google Search now supports structured data from discussion forums and profile pages

Structured data from discussion forums and profile pages is supported by Google Search.

This feature enables Google to display “first-person perspectives from social media platforms, forums, and other communities” within search results.

Google also announced new Search Console reports to assist those who have added structured data to their pages.

An illustration of a Perspectives filter in search results

Data from a discussion forum is structured. The new discussion forum structured data and markup is intended for any forum-style site where people share first-hand perspectives.

“When forum sites add this markup, Google Search can better identify online discussions across the web and use this markup in features such as Discussions, Forums, and Perspectives,” the company said.

Here’s how it appears:

Discussions, Forums, and Perspectives

Modifications to the Q&A markup. Google also updated its Q&A markup to indicate whether or not you are already using it for your question-and-answer user forums.
The company is updating the structured data documentation for Q&A to match the richness

Search Console generates reports. Google added new Search Console reports to help site owners monitor discussion threads and profile page markup issues, which may be why the tool went down earlier today.

These reports display valid items associated with your marked-up pages. The Rich Results Test has also been updated to assist you in testing and validating your markup.

The following are screenshots of those reports:

Search Console generates reports.

With the rise of new personalized search features, such as how Google is promoting creators more in search through perspectives and other areas, implementing these new structured data types may make sense.

Google is unlikely to support these elements indefinitely, but incorporating them into your pages may result in a higher click-through rate.

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