How to Activate Google Chrome Reading Mode for Better Reading

Reading Mode has become my favorite browser extension. With it, I can cut through the clutter and get to the core of the matter: reading the material I want without being distracted by adverts that slow down my browser.

Unfortunately, not every web browser has a reading mode by default. Even when enabled, certain reading modes aren’t as excellent as others. Firefox and Safari, in my opinion, have the greatest Reading Modes.

If you use Google Chrome, you’re not completely out of luck. Although it lags well behind the competition in terms of usability, the browser does include a Reading Mode that you may enable. And that is exactly what Ssbytes will demonstrate to you.

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Reading Mode, for those who are unaware, removes all extraneous stuff from a website and displays only the important text. This significantly simplifies web consumption.

With everything out of the way, let’s get to Google Chrome.

How to Activate Google Chrome Reading Mode

What you’ll need: This method works on any Chrome-based browser (including Opera). So all you need is a Chrome instance or a browser based on Chrome.

This will be demonstrated using Chrome on Ubuntu Budgie, however, the operating system is irrelevant, doesn’t matter. The one limitation is that this does not function on the mobile version of Chrome, so you must use the desktop version.

1. Launch Chrome.

The first thing you should do is open your Chrome browser.

2. Navigate to the Flags page.

Enter chrome://flags in the Chrome URL box and press Enter on your keyboard.

How to Activate Google Chrome Reading Mode

Go to chrome://flags to get to the core of Chrome customizations.

3. Look for Reading Mode.

Enter ‘reading mode’ in the Search area.

Then, on your keyboard, press Enter.

Google Chrome Reading Mode

Chrome’s search box is not case-sensitive.

4. Select Reading Mode.

Select ‘Enabled’ from the drop-down menu in the Reading Mode listing.

Activate Chrome Reading Mode

Activating Reading Mode using the enable/disable drop-down menu.

5. Start up Chrome

Click ‘Relaunch’ in Chrome’s bottom right corner. Reading Mode will be available after Chrome has restarted.

How to Make Use of Google Chrome Reading Mode

Chrome’s Reading Mode differs from those of other browsers. Instead of just clicking the Reading Mode icon (as in Firefox and Safari), here’s how to utilize it.

1) Open a reading page

Navigate to a page that interests you, such as Google Search now supports structured data from discussion forums and profile pages.

2) Display the sidebar

To access the sidebar, once the page has loaded, click the sidebar symbol on the top right of the window.

3) Choose the Reading mode

Select Reading mode from the sidebar drop-down menu.

Google Chrome Reading Mode

4) Emphasize the text to be read

Use your pointer to pick the text to read on the page you wish to read.

It will begin to appear in the sidebar, where you should be able to view the material more simply.

Google Chrome Reading Mode

That is Google’s Reading Mode, my friends. No, it’s not the ideal solution, but if Chrome is your preferred browser and you want to use Reading Mode, this is all Google has to offer.

If you find the built-in Reading Mode inadequate, you may always install and utilize the free Reader Mode extension to get by until Google takes Reading Mode seriously.


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