How to Recover LinkedIn Deleted Account and Posts Step-by-step

There’s an opportunity to resurrect all this here. We should jump into the moves toward recovering your deleted LinkedIn account, and posts and reconnecting you with your professional network and opportunities.

Let’s explore more!

How to recover deleted LinkedIn Account: Your Additional Opportunity to Reconnect

First things first, timing matters. LinkedIn gives you about 14 days to attempt reopening your account. If it’s been less than two weeks since you closed it, there’s hope!

The Reopening Process

Here’s the deal: try logging in with your registered email and password on LinkedIn’s website.

If that doesn’t do the trick, remember that original closure email? Yes, the one that confirmed your account’s deletion. Go ahead and use the provided link in that email to start the reopening process.

1. Login Attempt: Head over to LinkedIn’s login page, fill in your registered email and password, and hit the “Sign In” button.

2. Reactivate Option: Once you’ve logged in or used the provided link, look for the “Reactivate” button. Click it, and LinkedIn will send you an email. This email is your lifeline to confirm that you truly want your account back.

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What You’ll Get Back (and What You Won’t)

Good news: once your account is reopened, your connections will be right where you left them. But, hey, there are some things LinkedIn sadly can’t recover:

Lost Group Memberships: If you were part of any groups, you might need to rejoin them manually.

Followings: Those top voices and companies you followed? You’ll have to refollow them.

Pending or Ignored Invitations: Sadly, you could have to reconnect with those connections.

Furthermore, endorsements, recommendations, proposals, and specific preferences may be lost in the recovery cycle

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How to Recover Deleted LinkedIn Posts

On the off chance that you’ve accidentally deleted a post on LinkedIn, there’s no immediate method for recovering it. When a post is deleted, it’s typically permanently removed from the platform.

In any case, you can attempt a couple of techniques to recover your deleted post on LinkedIn:

Check Email Notifications: In some cases, LinkedIn sends email notifications when you post something. You could track down the content or an outline in your. email if you have notices enabled. While it will not restore the post, it can assist with reforming the content again.

Cached Versions: Web search tools like Google could have stored cached versions of your post. Try using “LinkedIn” and specific keywords to search for your post on Google. Once in a while, cached versions could in any case be accessible regardless of whether the first post is deleted.

Contact LinkedIn Support: Contact LinkedIn Support making explaining your circumstance. There’s no assurance they can restore your deleted post, however, they could have choices or data that could help.

Connections: Assuming your connections engaged with your post, they could have gotten warnings or messages regarding your post. They could help by sharing the content or if nothing else giving an outline of it.

Keep in mind, that the possibilities of recovering deleted posts on LinkedIn are very minimal. It’s constantly recommended to double-check before deleting any content to restore inadvertent erasures.


Losing your LinkedIn account and posts can feel baffling, yet don’t lose trust and hope. Follow these steps promptly, and you may very well get back your thought process lost forever. Keep in mind, that accidents happen to the best of us, and that’s what LinkedIn understands.
Thus, check it out! Login, hit that “Reactivate” button, and rejoin with your professional world. You’ve got this!

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