Redo of Healer Season 2, Will Keyaru’s Dark Quest Continue?

Listen, let’s get one thing straight – Redo the Healer first season was some seriously messed up, stomach-churning shit.  Anime Season 1 featured graphic violence, rape, torture, plus an insanely disturbing keyaru revenge story. With that ultimate cliffhanger ending, anime fans can’t help but lose sleep over one question: Will there be a Redo of Healer season 2?  Let’s dive deep into what could be next.

Redo of healer season 2 Confirmed?

Every fan waiting for Redo of a healer season 2 but there is no official announcement. Rui Tsukiyo is writer  of Redo of  healer.  Redo of the healer  was released on January 13, 2021 

Can We Expect a Redo of Healer Season 2 release date?

Redo of Healers Season 2 release date

Nothing’s officially confirmed, but I wouldn’t rule out Redo of Healer season 2 yet. Ongoing source material, a strong global audience, and streaming options boost the chances. Still, we’ll pray to the anime gods for word from studios like TNK.  Season 2 could make for one wild, controversial ride if it happens. Just be ready to lose some more sleep over it! so there is no more information about future production.

A Quick Refresher on That Brutal Season 1 Finale

Real quick, the season followed Keyaru, a powerful healing mage who gets brutally assaulted and left for dead by supposed allies. But man, after gaining the power to control time itself through some sketchy magic, goes on a mission to make his abusers suffer even worse.

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By the end, the dude had already brutally tortured the demi-human slavers who treated him like a damn dog. We saw agonizing revenge tactics like drugging, dismemberment, and straight-up mind-breaking. But deep down, we know this is just the tip of Keyaru’s disturbing quest. His vengeance crusade has only begun.

The Redo of Healer Season 2 Story Keeps Truckin’ in Japan

First up, let’s look at the source material here. The original Redo of Healer light novel series written by Rui Tsukiyo is still steadily releasing new installments over in Japan. In fact, 10 volumes are already out with more on the way.

redo of healer s2

So if the producers wanted to go ahead and animate more seasons down the line, they’ve got a goldmine to draw from for sure. An ongoing story only boosts the odds.

Despite Controversy, Redo of healer series developed a Passionate Fanbase

Yeah, I know the controversial and horrific nature of Redo of Healer made a ton of viewers instantly tap out. And honestly, I can’t blame them – it’s not for the faint of heart. But what’s surprising is how it still managed to steadily grow and attract a very dedicated, passionate global audience while airing.

People worldwide were shook by the unpredictable twists, and strong viewership often equals dollar signs. So you best believe the production committee is interested if a sequel could tap into that built-in fanbase.

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So What Could a Potential redo of Healer Cover?

If Redo of Healer does manage to get a season 2 renewal, it would most likely adapt the events found in original light novel volumes 6 through 10. And trust me, from what I’ve read in spoilers, the story only gets darker and more messed up from there.

Be ready for way more of Keyaru’s calculated mind games, tenuous alliances falling apart, shocking secrets about his busted powers, and tensions escalating between humans and demi-humans into an all-out war. Oh, and a ton more nightmarishly graphic, boundary-pushing scenes that’ll make parents say “AHH HELL NAH.”

Redo of healer season 2 cancelled?

Sorry, there is no more information about cancellation.

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