The Banality of Life in The Era of Social Media

In our present world, Era of social media has integrated itself into the tapestry of our daily living with little effort. Whether it’s casually scrolling through Instagram visual tapestry or sharing thoughts on Twitter, these applications act as bridges connecting people across the world. Their influence goes beyond simple communication; they have changed our perception and representation of life. Social media encourages us to document and share even the most mundane aspects of our daily routines, often in a careful way.

Statistics show that over 60% of the world population actively interacts with social media apps spending an average time of 150 minutes per day. These numbers show the significant impacts of social media in our daily lives.

Impacts of social media on daily life

Social media applications are not just platforms for communication, they are a transformative wave reshaping how we interact, perceive our reality and exchange information. They influence our buying choices through reviews or swaying public sentiments on critical issues. Furthermore, social media removes the distinction between our public and private lives as individuals share their daily routines with the large social media audience. This makes us think about being real and private, and the effects of living in a time when even our everyday moments are displayed for everyone to see.

The banality of life in the digital era

In today’s digital age, ordinary aspects of life have evolved. Whatever was considered ordinary and mundane such as cooking meals and traveling are now expressed on social media. People document these routine activities using photos, status updates and videos. The line between the ordinary and the extraordinary becomes unclear and the simplicity of day to day life becomes more prominent.

Social media acts as an entrance into the mundanity of our daily living. Applications like Instagram showcase carefully chosen images which present an idealized picture of life. However, behind the hashtags and filters lies the plain truth – rooms which are untidy, unglamorous dishes and the fatigue of a long day. This bisection gives people a chance to connect through shared experiences of life banalities encouraging a sense of shared humanity.

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Implications of banality of life on mental health

Frequent interaction with precisely curated highlights on social media comes with challenges. It becomes a breeding platform for anxiety and stress as people compare their lives to those of others. The pursuit of perfectness initiated by social media might lead to dissatisfaction, mental health problems and low self-esteem. The virtual connections made through these social media apps can increase the feelings of loneliness and solitude as people might perceive their own lives as less exciting compared to those presented online.

Escaping the banality trap

To escape the trap of banality people should consume the social media content with mindfulness. This includes setting limits on screen time, curating online connections and actively cultivating offline experiences. Shifting perspective to find the extraordinary within the ordinary transforms routine tasks into meaningful experiences.

The responsibility of social media platforms

In this era of social media, the responsibility of these apps extends beyond profit generation. Ethical considerations, commitment to user well being and transparency about changes in algorithms become integral. Authenticity should be the guiding principle fostering genuine content and connection. Social media platforms (apps) should actively promote positive interactions, providing tools for managing time spent on screens and mental health resources.


In conclusion, it is evident that social media has brought the banality of life to the frontline. Navigating this ground demands a conscious effort from both individuals and social media companies striking a balance to reclaim the fullness of life amidst the digital noise.

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