How to Use Twitter Advanced Search Effectively Step-by-Step in 2024

What exactly is X (Twitter) Advanced Search?

Twitter advanced search is a feature that allows you to filter search results based on people, date ranges, and other criteria. You can tailor your marketing activities and find specific tweets by using Twitter advanced search options.

Twitter’s advanced search can assist your company in competitive research, market evaluation, and generating leads. It’s an excellent tool for narrowing your better searches to get the results you want while also analyzing the preferences of your target audience.

You can use Twitter’s advanced search tool to find qualified leads who are more likely to convert if you use some tried and tested social media strategies.

Continue reading to discover more about Twitter’s advanced search commands here on ssbytes.

How to use Twitter Advanced Search

Follow these easy steps on your device to find Twitter advanced search options:

1. Enter your search term into the Twitter search

2. Next to the search bar, click the three-dotted

3. Choose Advanced

twitter advanced search

4. Fill in the blanks with the information you

advanced search twitter

5. Click the Search

You will then see narrowed results that match your filters. You have the option of changing your search query at any time.

Using Twitter advance search

When you use advanced search, you will be presented with a plethora of fields and options, which can be confusing at first.

Here’s a quick guide to help you get around;

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Looking for specific search experience

Search filters allow you to specify which words or phrases you want or do not want to appear in the search results. This feature is useful for searching for specific keywords on the platform.

Here are a few examples of search filters you can use to find words or phrases:

  • All of these phrases: Enter one or more keywords to search for them all on
  • This precise phrase: Enter a single phrase here to find it in its
  • Any of the following words: To search for multiple words, use the
  • None of the following words: Enter one or more words to exclude from the search results here.
  • These hashtags: This field can be used to look for a specific
  • Replies or original tweets: use this field to find only original tweets and/or tweet replies.

Finding tweets by location search

To find tweets from a specific location, use the following search filter:

Near this place: Enter a location to see Tweets sent while the person was in that location.

Looking for specific people or accounts

To find tweets from specific people or Twitter accounts, use the following filters:

  • From these accounts: Search for tweets sent from a specific Twitter
  • Mentioning these accounts: This option can be used to find tweets that mention a specific account in the post.
  • To these accounts: This option can be used to locate tweets sent as replies to a specific Twitter account.


How to Search Tweets by Dates

By using the “search Twitter by date” feature, you can enhance search results by adding date range filters to explore tweets. This enables you to remove any outdated tweets that no longer serve a current purpose.
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To utilize this feature, specify the precise date, month, and year in both the ‘from’ and ‘to’ sections. This functionality aids in searching for tweets associated with a particular event that transpired within the specified time range.

search tweets by dates

Clever Ways to Use Advanced Twitter Search options

Do you want to know how you can use this search feature to improve your social media strategy? Here are effective ways to boost your social media campaign using Twitter’s advanced search:

1.   Search for Trends or hashtag tweets

 Are you looking to grow your brand or start something new? You can discover the most popular items in a specific niche by using advanced search tool terms.

Twitter, for example, can help you find what people think is the current cutest Etsy product based solely on the number of likes on the search term. This could help you market your company, but it’s even more useful early in the product development process.

2. Keep track of your mentions, even if they are untagged.

 If your company is making waves on Twitter, you’ll notice a lot of people in your mentions tab. However, some people may be talking about you or your product without tagging you.

Setting up a search for your brand’s name is a wise decision because these are often the most honest users. It’s fascinating to learn what people think — and it’s not always bad news!

3.  Discover the most popular tweets about a popular topic.

 If you click a trending hashtag, you might not understand the context right away. However, by advanced  filtering your results with search operators, you can quickly determine what’s going on.

Advanced Twitter searches are almost like cheat codes for determining what is trending and why.

As an example, try looking for Taylor Swift tweets or hashtag tweets with at least 10,000 retweets. The findings indicate that Ticketmaster may be in hot water over how they handled sales for her upcoming tour.

twitter advanced search retweets

4.  Engage in daring responses

Risky responses are a delicate dance, as any experienced social media manager knows. However, using advanced Twitter search can assist you in mastering the art.

It’s simple to find “receipts” — internet slang for proof of hypocrisy — with such specific search tools. You might be able to find your competitor breaking a promise or doing something unusual.

You can also find pure hilarity, such as this tweet from Space X implying that Elon Musk’s real account was a hoax. The real Elon Musk even responded! My mind is racing.

5. Discover your Popular Tweets

Search your tweets can also help you find content that has previously performed well. Limit your search to 100 likes and see what happens.

This can be useful if you’re new to your brand’s social media, developing brand guidelines, or simply can’t remember every tweet you’ve ever sent.

6. Enhance your customer service.

Setting up a saved search allows you to monitor what people are saying about your brand. This type of monitoring, also known as social listening, allows you to improve your customer service as needed.

Don’t be a creep, but you can still insert yourself into conversations when it feels appropriate.

@UberSupport does an excellent job of letting their customers know they care, even if it’s as simple as complaining about cigarette smoke.

7.  Look into specific locations

Twitter’s advanced search is a fantastic tool for conducting market research. True, not everyone uses Twitter, but there are enough of them that it provides an excellent sample size for research.

The search terms and locations will be tailored to your brand’s requirements, but let’s conduct our experiment. How many people care about the Vancouver Canucks in Edinburgh, Scotland?

According to Twitter’s advanced search, there is only one person. But she’s created a lovely drawing to prove it.

8. Respond to the call

Twitter explorer Advanced search can help you find plenty of potential clients who are looking for exactly what you sell — without being too spammy.

Experiment with different search terms to see who is looking for your exact product. Try “looking for recommendations” with hyper-specific keywords, and you’ll likely find a whole world of potential customers.

9.  Create a case study

Few social media platforms are as brutally honest as Twitter, making it an ideal place to gauge public opinion on a specific topic.

For example, the post-restriction travel surge in 2022 was notoriously bad for airlines losing luggage.

You can easily gather a general overview of how an airline appears on social media by conducting date-specific searches.

FAQ’s on Twitter’s Advanced Search Feature

Is it possible to search private Twitter accounts?

If you are not already following the account, you cannot search for it on Twitter. There is no way to view tweets from private accounts.

Is it possible to use Twitter app advanced search on mobile?

Twitter’s mobile app currently lacks an advanced search function, but there is a great alternative. Simply learn and apply the relevant search operators from the desktop version to your search.

How do I find the most popular tweets of someone?

While there was once a website called Fav star that made it simple to see a user’s top tweets, that app is no longer available. To find the top tweets from a specific user or about a specific topic, you’ll have to use an advanced search.

To go deeper, use advanced searches on Twitter desktop, the codes “min retweets:” and “min faves :” or simply Ssbytes.

Can I look for twitter video search photos?

Add “filter: media” to your search terms to find videos or images related to a specific topic or user. This will display all relevant media in your search results.

Is it better to look at the Top or Latest tabs?

If you’re looking for old tweets, it may seem counterintuitive to search the Most Recent tab, but it will still yield the most results.

The Top tab serves you the very best and hottest content based on Twitter’s algorithm. But suppose you’re looking for one of your company’s early tweets before you had a following.

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