Introducing New Twitter Features and Updates 2024

In a bid to reform live-streaming experiences, X’s most recent joining with StreamYard guarantees has upgraded by exhibiting live comments. Elon Musk’s push for gaming streaming and stricter strategies against information scrapping feature Twitter’s developing scene.

Let’s explore each briefly.

X Announces New StreamYard Integration for Live- Stream Broadcasts

The platform has announced a new connection with StreamYard, which will allow you to show X comments in streams via StreamYard’s platform.

x StreamYard

StreamYard is a live-stream management video tool that connects to many platforms and gives greater control and broadcasting possibilities. And now, you’ll be able to see X comments on your broadcasts live, which is another step in X’s larger attempt to make live streaming a more prominent feature of the app.

Elon Musk has been promoting gaming streaming in particular as a way to get more content into the X ecosystem.

Musk has provided multiple demos of X’s developing game-streaming features in recent weeks, though its options still lag well behind those of its competitors.

X Updates its Agreements to Prohibit Crawling and Scraping (2024)

Twitter, has updated its help out to prohibit scrapping and Crawling without earlier consent. The new terms, effective in 2024, bans Scrapping or Crawling without earlier consent.

Twitter has modified its robots.txt document to eliminate guidelines for all crawler bots except Google.

The new administration has likewise changed the robots.txt record to forbid crawlers from getting data such as likes and retweets connected with explicit posts and bans robots from taking looks at an account’s likes, media, and pics.

Elon Musk has been against organizations Scraping Twitter/X information to prepare man-made intelligence models, and X has changed its security strategy to state it could utilize public information to train its models.

Following delays, X has improved the Speed and Delivery of Community Notes fact-checks

Due to the spread of false information on Twitter, the crowdsourced fact-checking system known as Community Notes has experienced delays.

The organization has declared enhancements to accelerate the interaction and ready users when notes are added to posts they like, reply, or repost. The updates follow X

President Linda Yaccarino’s commitment that Local area Notes would now show up more rapidly on the stage.

A feature that notifies individuals who have liked, replied to, or reposted a post that a Community Note has fact-checked has also been scaled up by X. Additionally, more posts that contain the same media will now display notes written on images and videos.

Despite the new updates, it stays dubious assuming that X’s publicly supported reality- checking framework will want to stay aware of the number of posts about the fear- monger assaults.

X Updates Brand Assets to Replace the Twitter Bird in Displays

You may not be a fan, but the X re-brand is here to stay, which means you’ll need to change your website, in-store signage, employee email signatures, and other promotional materials with the new X logo.

X logo

This may be useful. Elon Musk’s X has now updated its brand assets page with the new branding, which he previously described as an interim solution but now appears to have resolved. So updating to these new icons should be OK. It should be.

It’s worth noting that X hasn’t updated the wording, thus the first example still includes the old: “Our logo is our most recognizable asset” description. This is probably no longer the case, as most people have no idea what the X is.

But Elon feels certain that they will soon, and that the Twitter bird will be forgotten as X becomes the destination to communicate all the newest news and events.

But it will take time.


 As X undergoes a significant transformation, it implements stringent anti-scraping measures and incorporates StreamYard for live-streaming synergy. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, Musk’s vision for enhanced content, expedited fact-checking, and a redesigned brand identity propels X toward reshaping communication paradigms.

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