How much is Crip Mac Net Worth?

What is Crip Mac Net Worth?

Crip Mac net worth stands at around $1 million. Most of his income comes from his music and related royalties. However, he occasionally appears for paid online interviews and podcasts that have contributed to his net worth.

Crip Mac is an American rapper who has been making headlines for the last couple of years. Besides his famous songs named 55th Street and Keep it 55th Street, he’s had quite a few run-ins with the law.

From possession of illegal substances to fights and brawls, Crip Mac has been making noise now and then. The rapper has amassed quite some underground following with his Gangsta rap. His video for ‘Western Wiggle’ has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube. This has also led to widespread speculation about Crip mac net worth, which is currently at around $1 million.

Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles County arrested him in December 2023 on Federal Gun Charges for the possession of an unregistered firearm and ten rounds of ammunition.  The rapper is currently awaiting trial, and there are no updates on the release date.

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Crip Mac Age and Real Name

Crip Mac was reportedly born in California on 20th February 1993, which makes him 31 years old. He refused to reveal his real name and kept it a secret, preferring to go by the name Crip Mac. Around the time of his arrest, however, it turned out that Crip Mac real name is Trevor Hurd.

Crip Mac’s age sparks discussion among his fans, but in a 2021 interview, he claimed to be 28. In his childhood, the rapper faced expulsion from multiple schools due to behavioral issues.

What led to the attack on Crip Mac

Crip Mac became the victim of a robbery and was beaten in 2022, following which he shared a video of his bleeding face on Facebook. Following the incident, he went to the No Jumper podcast to explain what had transpired. The rapper claimed he suffered severe injuries as a punishment for accepting to fight 55 Crips. He went on to add that he was now on equal footing with his buddies and that things had improved.

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Why is Crip Mac Famous

American rapper Crip Mac
American rapper Crip Mac

Crip Mac earned his way to fame through his music, as a rapper. He has two semi-hits to his name and has recorded several other songs, building a solid fan base online. Besides his music, a video of his recent arrest went viral, adding to his popularity. The authorities arrested him in December 2023 on Federal Gun Charges.  Before his arrest, he also made headlines due to the gang assault on him.

Crip Mac Family

Crip Mac rarely discusses his family life. He once talked about growing up with his mother in Texas in an interview. His mother supposedly still lives in Texas with her boyfriend, sources claim. Just like Crip Mac age, available information about his family is pretty vague too.

Is Crip Mac still making money?

Crip Mac has garnered quite some royalties from his songs 55th Street & Keep it 55th Street. His songs have received thousands of plays and streams on YouTube, Spotify & SoundCloud, making them big hits.

Following his arrest, he became quite an online sensation, and this may have contributed to Crip Mac net worth. Before his arrest, the rapper regularly uploaded funny videos on his YouTube channel from 55th Street.

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