How to Search Tweets by Date step-to-step Guide

Twitter is a real-time social media platform where hundreds of millions of users share opinions, news, and updates every second. With over 500 million tweets sent per day, sorting through all that content can be overwhelming. Luckily, Twitter provides advanced search features to help you easily find tweets by date or date ranges.

Read on to learn how to search tweets by date.

Why Search Tweets by Date?

Twitter advanced search tweets by date allows you to:

  • Find tweets from a certain event or For example, all tweets from the Super Bowl or inauguration last month.
  • See what people were saying about a topic on a particular day’s search Twitter. Like reactions to an Apple product launch event.
  • Research trends and follow a developing news story as it unfolds over days/weeks.
  • Fact check claims by seeing the original
  • Study how discourse about a topic changes over

advanced search twitter


Overall, data searching gives you much more control and context when analyzing tweets.

How Advanced Twitter Search Tweets Work from a Specific Dates

To search for tweets posted on a certain date:

  1. Go to Twitter advanced search page at
  2. In the top box, enter your keyword/phrase to search for. For example “super bowl” or “iPhone event.”
  3. Under “From these accounts” you can enter specific Twitter handles to search if desired. Otherwise, leave it blank.
  4. In the next section “Words or phrases” add any other search terms to narrow by
  5. Under “Date” select “Custom ” This opens date selector widgets.
  6. Click the calendar icon for the start date and select the date you want. Then do the same for the end date, choosing the same date.
  7. Scroll down and click “Search” to run the query.

You will now see results limited to just that one day. You can further filter by type (photos, videos, news, etc.), language, and more.

Searching Date Ranges

To search across a wider date range:

  1. Follow the same steps above to set up the search tweet by date.
  2. Under “Date” choose “Custom range”
  3. Pick your start and end dates – for example, March 1 to March 7 for a
  4. Click “Search” to return all tweets in that date

search tweets by dates

Twitter only allows date searches over the past 7-10 days maximum. But this can still be very powerful for analyzing trends , conversations and twitter hashtag search.

how to search old tweets by date

  • Try different date windows – a single day, 3-day span, 1 week See what yields the best results.
  • Refine with additional keywords and filters like usernames or hashtags to narrow your search within the date parameters.
  • Sort by Latest instead of Top tweets to see results
  • Consider using operators like “until 2021-12-31” to search tweets up to
  • Explore the advanced search tips page for more ways to combine date searches with exact phrase, exclusions, etc.

Date searching takes some practice but can provide invaluable context and insights compared to normal keyword searches. Use the steps above to easily search tweets by date range on Twitter. Sharpen your analysis by mastering these advanced search operators.

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How to search my tweets by date

you can find old tweets by advanced twitter search, follow above steps to search your all old tweets


Twitter search advanced gives users unparalleled ability to  filter tweets by date. By harnessing data parameters, we can isolate tweets from specific periods to provide invaluable context and insights.

Analyzing trends, tracking stories, fact-checking claims – date searching brings keyword queries to the next level. Mastering date ranges and operators take practice but unlocks Twitter’s archive in service of sharper analysis.

Whether researching events, topics, or discourse, date-based searches help uncover key insights. So leverage Twitter’s tools to hone in on relevant tweets and uncover hidden gems by date. The context transforms simple keyword searches into profound discoveries.

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