what does ‘Time sensitive snapchat’ mean (Explained)

If you use Snapchat on an iPhone, you’ve probably received special notifications marked with a “Time-Sensitive” banner. So, what exactly does what does time sensitive mean on Snapchat? How are these notifications different from the rest? Can you turn them off? Don’t worry, we’ll answer all your queries right away. However, to give you a basic idea, time-sensitive Snapchat notifications are priority notifications that can break through notification blocks. This way, you wouldn’t miss out on important notifications when your iPhone is set to a Focus mode.

What does time sensitive Snapchat mean?

Apple rolled out Time-Sensitive notifications in September 2021, with the launch of iOS 15. The feature essentially allows apps to bypass notification blocking activated by any Focus Mode on your iPhone. This means notifications that are deemed important are sent through anyway, even if you’re blocking all other notifications.

By launching time-sensitive notifications Snapchat has joined the group of apps that you can allow to bypass your Focus Mode restrictions. Does this mean all Snapchat notifications will be immune to the notification blocking? Well, not quite. Only priority notifications will be shown as time-sensitive. You can also customise what kind of notifications get to bypass the notification block, such as friend suggestions, mentions, memories, stories from friends, etc.

How does the Snapchat time sensitive feature work?

However, this still leaves us with another question – how exactly does it work? How does Snapchat know which notifications to prioritize as time-sensitive? Well, while Snapchat doesn’t exactly reveal how they are chosen, messages, snap stories, and snap replies from best friends typically count as time-sensitive.

So, if you have a Snapchat Plus subscription and pin a friend as a BFF, notifications from them will break through Focus Mode or Do Not Disturb mode barriers. The notifications will stay on your lock screen for at least an hour to ensure that you don’t miss them. It also works for the Snapchat Plus Planets system, which means everyone in your Snapchat planet list will be prioritized with time-sensitive notifications.

What is the purpose of time sensitive notifications ?

Now that you know the time-sensitive Snapchat meaning, the purpose of these notifications should be pretty clear. The feature is aimed at helping users avoid missing important notifications from people they are close with. Users who are in your Snapchat plus planets list are likely very close friends, which means their messages and stories might be important to you. Thanks to this feature, you’ll receive their notifications even when your iPhone is set to a Focus Mode.

Should you leave your Snapchat time-sensitive notifications on?

While time sensitive Snapchat notifications are activated by default, whether to leave them on is totally up to you. While many users find the feature to be very useful, others might find it too intrusive. For example, you might not want to miss notifications from people who are in your Snapchat planet list.

However, if you set your iPhone to Focus Mode during an important activity such as meditation or studying, you might not want to be disturbed. In this case, you may turn off the time-sensitive feature. You also have the option to customize what kind of notifications are allowed to break through the Do Not Disturb settings, so this allows you to filter out the unnecessary ones.

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How to turn off time sensitive Snapchat notifications?

 Snapchat notifications serve an important purpose and are very helpful for users who don’t want to miss important updates. However, for some it can be too bothersome and overwhelming. If you’d rather not receive any Snapchat time sensitive notifications, here’s how you can turn them off on an iPhone:

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to Notifications.
  • Step 2: Scroll down through the list of apps to locate and select Snapchat.
  • Step 3: From the Snapchat notification settings that appear, toggle off the Time-Sensitive Notifications feature.

Since the time-sensitive feature does not exist on Android, you need not worry about it if you’re using an Android smartphone. However, here’s how you can turn off Snapchat notifications on Android if you find them to be bothersome.

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the apps section in your phone’s settings.
  • Step 3: If Snapchat is there in your recent apps list, you can select it right there. Or else, open All Apps to find it from the app list and click on it.
  • Step 4: Go to the notifications option.
  • Step 5: Toggle off the notification options that you don’t deem important. For instance, you could also enable only silent notifications while disabling audible alerts.

So, that is how you can turn off your time sensitive Snapchat notifications if they are bothering you too much. Just keep in mind that close contacts, including those in among your planets Snapchat, might not be able to reach you if your notifications are turned off.


Why does Snapchat say time sensitive?

Snapchat notifications are set to time-sensitive by default so that you don’t miss out on important messages and notifications when your phone is in Focus Mode.

Which notifications are included in time sensitive Snapchat notifications?

Notifications from contacts marked as BFFs or planets Snapchat are marked as time-sensitive and can break through do-not-disturb restrictions.


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