Who is Will Estes wife? From Failed Engagements to Persistent Gay Rumours

You may know Will Estes as Jameson Reagan from the hit show Blue Bloods. But unlike his straight-laced cop character, Estes’s life seems a bit more complicated.

Let’s look at who he has or hasn’t been romancing over the years.

Is Will Estes Married Currently?

No, Estes was engaged for a hot second to actress Rachel Boston in the 2010s. The tabloids were abuzz about their upcoming nuptials. However, the couple never made it down the aisle. Their work schedules just didn’t mesh well with the whole marriage thing.

He was also rumored to be dating his Blue Bloods co-star Vanessa Ray. But alas, it seems their on-screen romance didn’t translate into real life. Awkward! Ray has been happily married to someone else for years now anyway.

Relationship History of Will Estes

Is Will Estes Married Currently?

 In addition to Ray, Estes has been linked to several other actresses he starred alongside over the years:

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt (The Ghost Whisperer)
  • Mandy Moore (Reboot)
  • Jenna Dewan (American Satan)

Apparently, Estes likes to keep it in the family when it comes to romance. Too bad none of these costar relationships stuck.

Is Will Estes Gay? About Those Persistent Gay Rumors

Every Hollywood celeb gets stuck with a gay rumor at some point. For Estes, the chatter about his sexuality likely started because he’s so private about his love life.

However, based on Estes’ list of confirmed past relationships, it’s safe to say the gay gossip just ain’t true. This guy has had several girlfriends and even an engagement to his name.

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Impressive Will Estes Net Worth

Even if his romantic endeavors haven’t always been successful, Estes is killing it career-wise.

He makes a cool $100k per Blue Bloods episode. And with 200+ episodes under his belt, you do the math! Estimates put his current net worth around $12 million.

Not too shabby for the kid who got his start on Full House. It seems safe to say Estes won’t end up on the streets anytime soon, relationship status notwithstanding.

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Family Life

While not much is known about Estes’ current relationship status, we do get a small glimpse into his family life through social media.

Estes occasionally posts photos with his nieces and nephews. He seems to enjoy spending time with his extended family at the beach and other fun outings when he’s not busy filming.

In 2020, Estes shared a rare throwback photo of himself as a child along with his two sisters. It was pretty cute!

Conclusion: Who is Will Estes wife? Is Will Estes married? is Will Estes Gay?

So in summary, Will Estes’ relationship history includes a broken engagement, gay rumors, and lots of whispers about who he might be dating. But he has achieved huge success financially through his acting work.

And at the end of the day, Estes seems like a pretty private dude who just wants to focus on his craft. He doesn’t go out of his way to flaunt his personal life in front of the cameras.

Maybe that’s why we all find his love life so intriguing! Estes does a good job of keeping us guessing.

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